Welcome to Rotax Limited

Rotax Limited has spearheaded the exponential growth of the country's Engineering industry, diversifying into many spheres, and has become the industrial name within the electrical engineering community of Sri Lanka, for over 50 years, leaving a robust footprint and market presence in Sri Lanka. 
This Company was the brainchild of the late Mr. John Roche, who served the needs of the country's electrical industry, from humble beginnings, distributing myriad electrical equipment and supplies amongst end-users, leaving an indelible mark of expertise;- which today the Roche family continues to pursue with great dexterity, having innovatively diversified it's value added Engineering solutions portfolio in a multi-dimensional sphere,- Rotax, today counts as it's strongest asset.

Rotax, founded on the principles of 'customer centricity', prides itself in it's commitment in being service oriented, through it's penetration of emerging markets in the spheres of supplying high quality power management, control & distribution systems, lighting & surge protection systems and lighting “illumination” solutions products to both industrial, commercial and government segments of the country.

The plaudits that Rotax has received for over 5 decades bears silent testimony to the vision that guides the Organization.

We welcome you to peruse through the world of Rotax, and in so being informed, anticipate meeting your needs with time tested precision and expertise.