Chairman’s Message

Ruminating upon the great Chinese proverb of old “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”Lao-tzu, The way of Lao-tzu, Chinese philosopher (604 BC – 531 BC), I marvel at the manner in which we as a Company have grown from our inception back in 1963, having weathered many storms and complex challenges.
Five decades have elapsed since our journey began way back in 1963, and it was the single step taken by my father, the late Mr. John Roche that paved the way for our successful achievements over this span of time. This was largely due to the fact of building upon the cornerstone of sound management values that my father laid, that enabled us weather many storms over the years undeterred.

Upon my assuming the Office of Chairman in 1975, the Company was restructured in a manner befit, in order to meet the competition at hand, and dynamic market needs. Keeping in line and step with the fundamental values laid by its founder, it is indeed an achievement that Rotax is now managed by the third generation of the Roche family.

Reminiscing the years past, it is noteworthy to mention, that the Roche Group has grown in strength, reputation and performance. This momentum took place between the late 1970’s going into the 1980’s, when the Mahaweli Development Project in the country at that time started, and by this impetus, Rotax was honoured to be called upon to supply its high quality products and services to the satisfaction of our clients. This landmark project, paved the way for the Company’s acquisition of many other prestigious projects throughout the construction industry in Sri Lanka, which earned Rotax accolades of repute.

The Roche Group having grown by leaps and bounds, to be one of the most recognized and respected business enterprises, strove to contribute its resources to serve Sri lanka in countless private and public sector development projects, thus making us the cynosure of all eyes, whilst simultaneously enabling us to even gain the admiration of our competitors. This is largely attributed to the dedication of our Employees, who harness their talents in dexterously working towards maintaining the high standards set by the Company overall. In this day and age, with the rapid advancement in technology, it is of paramount importance, that customer’s needs are innovatively and satisfactorily met, and in essence this is our goal. Achieving this goal requires vision, experience, and consistency, and the ability to respond to the changing demands across highly regulated markets, and for over five decades we have with unerring care been committed to this task.

Given our portfolio, which ranges from meeting the demands for industrial products and services, to performing trading and offering engineering solutions, we work with great commitment to be result oriented, and by earning your trust deliver business results with continued excellence, - the Rotax way!.

J.D.B.S (Joe) Roche
Rotax Limited / Roche Group of Companies