Rotax History

The founder of our company was the late Mr. John Roche who was born and raised in South India. On the completion of his studies in his home town of Tutucourin he moved to Sri Lanka seeking work in the island with his relatives in their well established family business at the time. Mr. Roche started his carrier as a Stores Manager at Maurice Roche Ltd at the age of 19. Maurice Roche Pvt. Ltd. was established by his uncle who was a well known entrepreneur & socialite at the time, the Late Mr. Maurice Roche. The company was most known for its business associations with Phillips for their range of consumer durables that the company marketed island wide. After Mr. Maurice Roche’s death & unfortunate closure of his company, John decided to start up his own Company with the experience and the knowledge he gathered from years of loyal service at his previous work place. In 1963 he decided to establish his own business to serve the electrical industry in Sri Lanka. This was the beginning of Rotax Pvt. Ltd. and it was one of the very first companies for Industrial Electrical Equipment in Sri Lanka.

To elaborate further, the beginnings of Rotax was on a very small scale in the humblest of ways, though today it has emerged to become one of the largest & well respected companies in its field in Sri Lanka today. The late Mr. Roche provided much of the intellectual foundation for Our Company operations. He was a champion of the transformative power of the Imagination and of the transcendent reality of the individual. In 1970 with the opening up of the economy the company started to begin to make many changes since the Mahaweli Development Dam Project started in Sri Lanka when the company was afforded an opportunity to supply all the electrical needs of the project.

The company continued to develop it’s identity through the 1980’s profitably offering its services in various areas. Currently the company has thus become the largest Industrial Electrical Equipment distributor in Sri Lanka. Mr. Roche’s vision and understanding of human nature inspires us even today to maintain an excellent level of service to our customers.

Customer satisfaction is a state of mind that has to be managed with deep understanding of our clients, and then with a deep knowledge of the products we market and the expertise that is unmatched in the industry. Managing emotions is truly an art and with it comes the demand to be flexible so that the relationship will be strong and resilient. What we strive everyday is to achieve this.

This is indeed the rich heritage that late Mr. John Roche and Mrs. Lourdes Roche who have left behind for us to emulate. Late Mrs. Lourdes Roche also was a Non executive Director of Rotax Pvt Ltd. The Late Mr. John Roche continued to serve as chairman and retained an active interest in the company and its activities until his unfortunate death in 2005.

Mr. John Roche's son, Joe Roche, joined the business in 1971 to carry out work at Rotax. He rapidly expanded the company’s product offerings into large-scale public infrastructure projects throughout the country breaking new ground for the company. It was under his brand of sincere leadership and passion for the industry that the company began to rapidly expand. Joe’s keen eye for business and passion for people soon began to open new avenues for the company in both products and new markets. Before long, Rotax went from being a dealer of electrical equipment to a fully fledged manufacturer’s representative for some of the major brands in the world today for electrical equipment.

Spurred by his desire & vision to offer the whole solution under one roof, Joe floated 2 new sisters companies in the group. In 1996 Roche Engineering (Pvt) Ltd was incorporated to serve the rapidly increased needs for specialized engineering solutions to the industrial & construction industries sectors in Sri Lanka. And also In 1996 Roche Projects (Pvt) Ltd was established as tendering arm of Rotax Limited to Cater to the requirements floated by utilities procured on global tender basis with new markets and product based sales penetration as the focus and highest priority to the infrastructure and utility sectors in Sri Lanka.

Then later on, Roche Engineering Lanka (Pvt) Ltd was incorporated on the 1st June 2000 as a BOI approved Company within the Export Processing Zone (EPZ) of Wathupitiwala, as a result of the growing market in Sri Lanka for LV switchboards for both the local duty free projects & export markets. Roche Engineering Lanka (REL) was started as an electrical engineering firm having expertise in the designing and manufacturing of low voltage Panel Boards such as motor and power control centers and have supplied these to various industries through out the local and overseas projects market since their inception.

Recently, Mr. Joe Roche’s eldest son Shane Roche (the 3rd generation of the Roche family) got involved in the company in 2005 and took over joint management responsibilities with his father and together they built on the foundations of our company’s proud and colorful history.

For over 48 years the Roche Group has evolved and developed within the industrial electrical market to become a specialist supplier of electrical product solutions and related engineering services. The parent company of the group, Rotax (Pvt) Limited is proud to represent some of the very best brands in the world for industrial electrical equipment, in Sri Lanka. We supply an extensive range of products with access to all major industries in the country. A great emphasis has been placed on our customer service, technical support and most importantly our after sales service. "Our aim is to provide our customers with the best service in the industry through focusing on strong engineering support whilst offering personalized and courteous customer care." This is why we are one of the fastest growing companies in our field and why our history and pedigree is unparalleled.

We were honored to be associated with the country’s biggest and most prestigious development project, the Mahaweli Scheme where we supplied our electrical products over the development phase of the project. We were also associated with many other major development projects that were initiated in the country at that time, whilst fulfilling our goal and ultimate desire of playing a part in the development of our nation’s national infrastructure and industry.

With untiring effort, we continued our relentless search for more sophisticated and technologically advanced electrical equipment and expanded our supply base to meet the growing market requirements. We secured ‘sole agency’ rights for several internationally reputed brands & products that placed special emphasis on quality & innovation, conforming to the highest international standards at all times, a practice we still abide by, in selecting partners.

With an assurance of quality products and fair trading practices backed by the sincere and courteous service, we have won the confidence of a large clientele. Our list of loyal and satisfied customers has grown by leaps and bounds, making us a leader in our field of business and the preferred electrical equipment and solutions provider.

Our goal is to provide products and services that improve industrial electrical productivity, performance, precision, reliability, and serviceability. We have developed strong partnerships with our customers, based on our outstanding array of world-class products. Rotax is specializing in assisting its customers to select the ideal products for their specific needs. We believe in giving our clients the best solutions to ensure complete control over electrical issues and optimal outcome. This allows our clients more time to focus on what they do.

Recently our new building at Wattala, allowed space for a modern warehouse, office area, counter sales, and machine shop facility. This investment set the stage for further growth and experience in its branch network in Sri Lanka. In the last decade Company expanded the branch network in Sri Lanka.