Kotmale Dam Project

Project name :  Kotmale Dam

Customer Name :  Tudawe Engineering Services (Pvt) Ltd

About the Customer :  : Tudawe Group is amongst the oldest and most well reputed construction companies in Sri Lanka

Executed By :  Roche Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd.

Industry :  Construction / Dam Safety & Irrigation

Project Value :  Rs. 21.8 Million

Project Period & Year :  2013 (Ongoing)

Scope of work undertaken:

Complete offer for the turnkey job for designing, fabrication, manufacturing, testing, installation, erection and commissioning of the renovation of complete electrical control system.

  • Main Power Supply to Dam – Providing proper cable connections (incoming and outgoing) including supply and installation of new connector box for the LV cables, replacement of any cables and fixing accessories and reconnection to the 33KV/400V transformer / Provide a PVC coated chain-linked fence around the main supply transformer / Design, supply and install surge protection devices from incoming to outgoing circuits / Complete overhaul of the LV incoming and outgoing power distribution panels including checks of contact pressure, adjustments, tightening of connections, continuity of fuses, earthing circuits, numbering of cables.
  • Power supply to gantry crane – Design, supply and install of switch board on Spillway bridge for supply power to the gantry crane with connection to spare MCCB I control room.
  • Spillway gate control system – Design, supply install and commissioning a new state of the art operator console / Design and provide new PLC based control system for the 3 spillway gates / Refurbishment of the existing control system / Refurbishment of reservoir water level measuring transmission and display system. / Provided a new Selsyn transmitter & receiver units / Supply of hydraulic dynamometer pressure gauges.
  • Battery banks and charger of spillway gate control system and standby generator – Replace existing battery including supply, installation and commissioning of new 48V DC LA battery bank c/w charger.
  • Low level outlet electrical equipment –Provide inspection and test report on status of lighting in low level outlet, gallery and machine chambers / Refurbishment of LLO lighting based on the status report / supply of Luminaries IP 66 c/w control gear, HPS lamp and accessories.
  • Inter communication system for spillway control room, LLO, instrument house, hoist houses, drainage gallery and workshop – Design, supply, instillation and commissioning of intercommunication system for the said compartment.
  • Emergency LampDesign, supply, installation and commissioning of Emergency Lamps to provide adequate illumination as required.
  • Training and technical support servicesComprehensive training on the operation and maintenance of all equipment.
  • Lightning protectionDesign, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of lightning protection for the spillway control room.
  • Provision of remote monitoring system from main weir o control room Design, supply, install and commissioning a seepage monitoring instrument at the V notch with automatic data, transmission system to spillway control room / Provide power supply to the V-notch weir with switch board to power the seepage monitoring and data acquisition system and lighting including supply of all items, installation, wiring, connection to main supply and energizing.

Hioki appoints Rotax!

Rotax Limited has been appointed the exclusive sole agent of Hioki for the territory of Sri Lanka. Hioki a Japanese company founded in 1935, have been involved in the development, manufacture, and sale of electrical measuring instruments for several decades.


Advanced MV Motor Control System for CPC

Our sister company Roche Projects Pvt. Ltd, recently installed & commissioned Sri Lanka's first medium voltage Soft Starter motor control system at our local petroleum corporation & refinery in Sapugaskanda.


Opening of our "RLC"

On 12th of March, 2011 we were proud to open our 8,000 sq feet, double storied warehousing & stores complex based in Wattala.


Distributors Wanted!!

Rotax Limited, recently increased their island wide presence by appointing 1 more distributor in Sri Lanka and by the end of the calendar year, we will appoint another 2 more distributors bringing our grand total to 6.

Jul-05 . Supply completed for Project in Ampare